BRASS in its polished state and in contact with water and air began to tarnish and appears dull finish and black. By applying lacquer and baking at a temperature helps to make the life of finish durable. In Sadani Overseas we make special precautions for putting a good finish and lacquered piece. No pit holes or rashes are allowed to pass from the expert eyes of the personals specially appointed to see the finish at all stages of manufacturing.

Black Nickel, Satin Chrome, Satin Silver, Silk Gold etc and Antique Finish are the main finish will are very popular in market. We have our well-established plant for providing the best finish on the items.

Only on Forged Door Handles:

ELECTROPHORETIC Lacquering is a Cathodically Electrodeposited (ED) Polymer system, which offers long life finishes & stability besides superior chemical resistance, Fade resistance, Bright Coatings, excellent hardness Ultra Violet and Improved product life. The main benefit of cathodic process is that it does not attack on Metal. Operation’s essential requirement of Dust Free Environment is followed and the Deposition Characteristics at 15 – 25 Microns Film Thickness are described as follows:

Pencil Hardness 5H+
Cure Passes 1000 double rubs acetone when fully Cured.
Perspiration resistance Resistance 4 cycles + (4 cycles is a pass)
Scratch resistance Passes 2.0 Kgs. (BS 3900 relevant part)
Abrasion resistance (ASTM) 30 Liters/mil
Dry adhesion 100%
Corrosion resistance (Salt Spray) 200-1000 hours

Above all, freedom for coating from 5 to 25 Microns as per requirement of the customer. While producing handle plates of a mortise lock, we ensure that it fits very well into the interior decor of the house and it should have no adverse effect of hand rubbing, wet handling and corrosive atmosphere etc.

It offers Innovative Finishes such as Gold, Silver, Black and Silk Gold and its selective combination add to the appearance of the Product. Company has introduced various new Models utilizing the combination of finishes and the same have got encouraging trade response.

There are two types of mechanism for production of Locks i.e. Lever Mechanism and Pin Cylinder Mechanism. The quality of Locks is directly related to the material selected for different parts and clearance between the Gate and the Needle. Moreover smooth surfaces of Lever and its uniform thickness; Accuracy of Key slot and hard drawn springs of recommended chemical composition play an important role in the excellent quality of Locks.

Keeping it in mind, we use the material as recommended in various specifications of Bureau of Indian Standards as well as International standards. To make the Locks most reliable security system, every lock Is tested for Soundness, Load and Non- interchangeability in our Testing Laboratory as prescribed in IS standards.

Aluminum is also like Brass. It has a very shiny surface but also very soft and when mishandled scratches do occur. To have the same shiny surface for long time, it is anodized which keep it long lasting finish and shiny surface. In Sadani we provide both satin anodized and simple anodize as per requirement.